MM Garden Sitting by CreekAn experienced and insightful facilitator, Mary Mackenzie brings clarity, presence, transparency and depths of compassion to each person in every group for whom she works.  She is skilled at helping people find their own inner strength and clarity, and then express what is most important to them, rather than what others might want to hear.  She is a master at team building and problem-solving who gets to the very root of a problem and supports long-term resolution.  And, she does this with grace, efficiency, and genuine caring for each person involved.

Underpinning Mary’s facilitation success is her spiritual depth, genuine curiosity, and years of training in Compassionate Communication, meditation, and many different spiritual practices.  Mary believes passionately in people’s innate goodness and has a subtle way of drawing that goodness out of people and increasing the opportunity for mutual compassion.  Many people say they simply feel safer when she’s in the room.

Mary offers a variety of facilitation processes that are customized to ensure relevance and success for the organization, team, or family she’s supporting.

The following are a few of Mary’s favorite facilitation processes:

  • Compassionate Communication
  • Conversations and Dialogues (teams, boards, organizations and families)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mediation
  • Open Space
  • World Café

mary-mackenzie-mml-180x150Decision-making models:

  • Consensus (100% or majority)
  • Roberts Rules of Order
  • Sociocracy

Types of Facilitation:

  • Dialogues and Conversations (teams, boards, organizations, families)
  • Board Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Community or Team Building
  • Mediation (with individuals and groups)

Mary has an M.A. degree in Human Relations and is a CNVC Certified Trainer of Compassionate Communication.  She is a master Facilitator and the author of Peaceful Living: Daily Meditations for Living with Love, Healing and Compassion.  She is the Co-founder and Lead Trainer of the NVC Academy, Executive Director of Peace Workshop International, a Mediator, and Public Speaker.


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