Client Feedback

What people are saying about Mary Mackenzie’s facilitation:

Mary has a unique and extraordinary ability. I noticed after the first evening that she had given me the opportunity to choose new behaviors, more aligned with my deepest values. I feel more connected and loved as a result.   Mary owns and models presence. She is grounded and clear in her communication. She is real. She teaches tools that assist us in remembering who we are and what we came here to share. Mary is a master teacher. I am so grateful to have worked with her.
~~Elizabeth Reveley, workshop participant, Hawaii, USA

Mary, you are an intense initiator of innovative ideas and information.  Thank you.
~~Kelly Bryson, CNVC Certified Trainer, California, USA

Mary has a laser-like clarity that supports people in growing in self-understanding and healing through practical processes of inner exploration.
~~Andrea Pro, artist and NVC facilitator, Hawaii, USA

Mary brings a practical, clear way of learning.  She uses personal examples and humor to illustrate what she wants us to understand and that makes it much easier to learn.  And, she brings her own vulnerability to every class, which is a touching, powerful, and moving teaching tool!
~~Patrice Goodermont, participant, Hawaii, USA

I love your clarity, Mary.  It helps me learn.
~~Anne Au, Hawaii, USA

Mary, I love your transparency, insight and vulnerability.  I marvel at your ability to take feedback on the spot, shift gears, take a moment, and honor each person.  I can feel your love.
~~Terry J, participant, body and energy worker, Hawaii, USA

My main perspective of Mary is that she is a person who ‘walks her talk.’  I think I have learned as much from watching how she teaches, coaches and facilitates individuals and groups, as I have from the specific exercises she teaches.  And, I’ve learned a lot!
~~Dee Chapon, activist, Hawaii, USA

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