Cherishing My Body

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Recently, I went to a holistic doctor who asked me if I cherished my body, and if I ever took notice of how I felt when I put food into it. I blushed a little and said, “Well. No.”

She said, “Really? You don’t love your body, the very thing that allows you to experience your life???” I chose to hear this as a rhetorical question. Still blushing.

Have you ever had a moment like this, when someone says something so basic to you that you used to know but have long since forgotten? It feels kind of like getting caught with your pants down as you are getting off the toilet… kind of embarrassing and no place to hide.

My doctor gave me two assignments: Thank my body on a regular, ongoing basis for all the things it does for me – and notice how I feel after I have eaten something so I can begin to find joy in feeding my body in supportive and nurturing ways.

I have spent my life not liking (certainly not loving!) my body. And, although I have spent 20+ years living in a consistent practice of self-empathy (and teaching others to do so as well!), rarely has my practice included a deep physical connection with my body. I find this to be remarkable and embarrassing (back to the toilet analogy…ugh).

This interaction with my doctor reminds me of two books that were life-changing for me years ago:

The Way of Mastery, which is a channeled book and part of a 3-book series. One of the many ahas I received from it is that my body is the vehicle my Higher Source gave me to experience my world. I feel that in my gut even now as I write this.

The second book was also part of a series by Don Miguel Ruiz. In one of the books, (The Four Agreements, I think), he suggests a daily Puja (using soap or lotion, touch all body parts everyday while expressing gratitude for how they uniquely support your life) to begin the process of loving one’s body and the amazing ways it supports Life.

The thing I find so remarkable about this is how humbled I am by it. However, my wish is not to be humbled by it, but to be raised up by it, to grab this challenge and the opportunity it calls me to. The opportunity to truly, without shame and without judgment, cherish my body for exactly how it is today.

And so this is the journey I’m on this month. Will you join me? I so love a challenge in with community by my side! At the very least, will you hold me in compassion as a way of support?

I send you love and compassion for wherever you are on the journey to loving your body…

By Mary Mackenzie

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