Radical Self Compassion (an online course)

Radical Self Compassion (an online course)

with Mary Mackenzie, Sarah Peyton and Arnina Kashtan

Wednesdays, January 20, 2021 through January 12, 2022 (13 sessions)

Transform your life with tenderness, courage, and self confidence!

  • Discover depths of self-compassion you did not even know were there
  • Heal patterns of self-sabotage and build resilience
  • Learn to see through the stories blocking your free spirit
  • Truly be able to forgive yourself when you make mistakes
  • Make your brain a warm, compassionate, and sweet place to be!

For more information, and to book, see NVC Academy.

Facilitate NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence (an online course)

Facilitate NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence (an online course)

with Mary Mackenzie

Thursdays, March 25 to May 27 (10 sessions)

Sharing NVC with others is one of the most powerful methods for deepening your own NVC consciousness.

  • Clarify and accentuate your personal teaching style
  • Gain tools for creating safety and ease in your groups
  • Learn to easily create workshop outlines and teaching activities
  • Come away with tips that will keep your workshops alive

For more details, and to book in, see NVC Academy

Unpacking Layers of Discrimination

With Mary Mackenzie

Wednesday, March 31 (1 session)

Raise Your Awareness and Compassion for Yourself and Others

  • Learn the complexities of intersectionality
  • Gain a deeper understanding of life experiences
  • Clear the way for a more authentic connection
  • Deepen your ability to hold others in compassion

For more information, see Unpacking Layers of Discrimination at NVC Academy.

Too Many Words! Interrupting to Increase Connection

With Mary Mackenzie

Saturday, July 10 (1 session)

What if interrupting could actually bring you closer to others? Mary says: “I consider thoughtful, need-based interruptions an act of love.” Come and see for yourself…

  • Interrupt in a way that increases connection
  • Minimize shame or defensiveness
  • Elevate others’ enjoyment of learning
  • Invite more joy, curiosity, and closeness into your interactions

For more information, see Too Many Words! Interrupting to Increase Connection at NVC Academy.