Happy Beloved New Year to YOU!

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It is the first day of 2024 and I am filled with gratitude and awe. Yesterday, I celebrated my 9th year of hosting my annual New Year’s Peace Meditation. We had over 1,000 people register from many, many different countries and the meditation was interpreted into 4 different languages. It was incredibly moving, connecting, and hopeful for me!

On December 30th, I hosted a simple ceremony for a few friends, where we clarified what we would like to leave behind in 2023 and what we want to welcome in 2024. This is one of my favorite end-of-year traditions and it was made even lovelier because it took place at our home!

I have two additional things to celebrate:

  • On December 30th our daughter and grandson arrived to stay with us for a week. We are cherishing every single moment with them.
  • My book, Peaceful Living: Daily Meditations for Living with Love, Healing and Compassion was just published in Simple Chinese. WOW! It has already been published in German and Korean. I am humbled and honored!

So, what do I want to leave behind in 2023? Sometimes, the things on my list do not feel actually possible, but still I put them on in case a miracle happens. Here is my current list:

  • Self-doubt – this is a standard on my list every year and I notice bits of improvement every time.
  • Stress and worry.
  • Fifteen pounds of excess weight – Enough said.

What do I want to welcome in 2024?

  • Some travel and other adventures – within and without the USA (our grandson is moving to Germany so you know that is on our list!).
  • More time for meditation, exercise, contemplation, gardening, and relaxation.
  • More time with family and friends.

My 2024 mantra is: I’m settling in, which is a response to the huge personal and professional changes that I have made in the last two years. I see 2024 as a time to relax and live peacefully with my new reality – to settle in

How about you? What would you like to leave behind in 2023? And, what do you want to welcome in 2024?

May you experience ample amounts of joy, adventure, and peace – and to remember often that you are loved, loving, and loveable forever (quoted from The Way of Mastery). 

With much warmth and love, 


By Mary Mackenzie

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