Mahna Mahna

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Do you ever feel out of sorts or out of sync with others? Can it be challenging for you to see and express your beautiful self when others are singing to a different tune?

That aptly describes my state of mind lately, and then I watched this

…and I laughed and laughed… and then I felt touched.

A friend of mine brought this song to an NVC gathering at our home several years ago. I had never heard it before. To this day, my wife and I will occasionally start singing this song to each other for no particular reason… Mahna Mahna… Doot doot du doot doot… Mahna Mahna… It makes us laugh every single time!

This song and video are joy-bringers.

They’re joy bringers because they remind me that we are all singing our own unique and beautiful song, even when it’s not always in tune with the people in our lives.This doesn’t mean either side is wrong or bad or good or better.

I have been feeling a bit off center recently. Less joyful than usual and more likely to lack patience, which has made it more challenging to enjoy my relationships. I know intellectually that when I am able to get back into my own skin and am grounded again, I will feel better about myself. When I feel better about myself, my relationships will feel stable, grounded, and lovely. I will receive and give love more freely and easily.

I know this from many years of experience and I trust it completely.

So, what do I do to support myself toward re-grounding and coming back to center? Here’s my current list that I’m working onthe length of the list is an indicator of how depleted I am feeling:

  • Do joyful things with intimate friends and family in small groups (recognizing that large groups don’t work for me when I’m struggling, it’s best for everyone if I limit my time with those who are more challenging for me to enjoy)
  • Go for long walks (alone and/or with others)
  • Receive empathy as often as possible, including Self-Empathy
  • Watch (over and over!) joyful videos like Mahna Mahna (to remind myself that my being off-kilter is normal sometimes and okay
  • Read spiritual books that remind me of my Greater Truth (that I am a spiritual being whose purpose manifests in my work and relations. How I show up each day and in each relationship matters!)
  • Allow for quiet time (I have scheduled a 10-day stay-home vacation to rejuvenate)
  • Give service to others (service is one of the best ways I know to remind me of the wonderfulness of my life, and to live from a heart of gratitude)
  • Remind myself many times a day that I am loved, loving, and loveable … FOREVER (quoted from The Way of Mastery)

As we enter this Holiday Season, may we all hold ourselves, those we love, and those we come in contact with in greater COMPASSION. And, if you have moments when you feel out of sorts, or forget your Greater Truth, consider a little Mahna Mahna.

You are loved, loving and loveable…FOREVER… 

Mary Mackenzie,

CEO, NVC Academy

CNVC Certified Trainer

p.s. Please do join me in my New Year’s Peace Meditation – and together we can call in peace for 2023!

By Mary Mackenzie

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