Mourning the Suffering in Our World

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Less than 2 weeks ago from the time I’m writing this letter, Hamas militants crossed from Gaza into Israel and killed more than 1,300 people, most of them civilians. Israel then retaliated and killed over 3,000 Gazans, most of them civilians. The death rate continues to increase every day.

The Russian War on Ukraine started February of 2022, 20 months ago. Thousands of people have been killed and there does not appear to be hope that it will end soon.

I looked up ongoing conflicts in the world and 32 came up— 32 active wars happening today.

I mourn the great suffering that so many people are experiencing. My great hope is for healing and a major shift in the attitudes of our world leaders, politicians, and in ourselves to work towards peaceful resolutions. To imagine the possibility that peace is possible if we will all work towards it.

I am harkening back to a manifesto that is on the homepage of the NVC Academy website, which currently says (and I imagine we will be updating it soon):

The NVC Academy recognizes that those who have suffered may well, in their raw anguish, be experiencing strong emotions including hatred toward their aggressors. We invite you to offer empathy and support and to hear the severity of their pain.

While it is extremely painful to accept that fellow humans can contribute to such suffering, we strive to hear and acknowledge this pain so that those who have suffered or are suffering can be seen and heard. We hope that by offering our empathic presence, we can support healing.

The NVC Academy wishes to thank everyone who is working towards peace and supporting those who are suffering in this incredibly difficult time. Each of your contributions, financial and otherwise, are appreciated and give us hope for our shared humanity and faith in long-term peace.

Some members of the NVC Academy team have been meeting to update our company vision. This is what we came up with – and it is even more poignant to me now:

Everything we do aims to contribute to a world of interdependence and nonviolence, with genuine care for self and others. We seek to support and empower individuals, families, workplaces, organizations, and the world at large to have more fulfilling lives and relationships and better adapt to our fast changing world.

May we all remember that as we interact with our family members, friends, community members, grocery clerks, mechanics and anyone with whom we come in contact—our actions today matter. Each of us as individuals are capable of bringing peaceful connections even if others do not or are unable.

In sadness…


By Mary Mackenzie

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