Self-Empathy: Healing from the Inside Out (Sept 2022)

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With Mary Mackenzie

Thursdays, September 22-October 27, in 2022 (6 sessions)

“Developing a consistent Self-Empathy practice is the single most healing thing I’ve ever done for myself. It has allowed me to heal old, negative beliefs that used to sabotage my ability to enjoy intimate and loving relationships, and to uncover and express the greater Truth of me. Every relationship, friendship and interaction with others has benefitted as a result.” Mary Mackenzie

  • Heal internal messages that tell you you’re not good enough
  • Release yourself from old habits and unmet needs
  • Deepen your ability to connect with self and heal your past
  • Heighten your ability to express your authentic self
  • Experience greater ease and joy in your relationships

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By Mary Mackenzie

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