(also known as Compassionate Communication)

Mary Mackenzie is a certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication and has been teaching it to individuals, educational institutions, business and industry, social service agencies since 2000.

Nonviolent Communication training has two main goals:
1)   To help people develop communication skills for clear and accurate dialogue that is in harmony with everyone involved.
2)   To help people develop skills to accurately hear the underlying needs of others even when they express themselves in an aggressive, defensive, angry, or violent manner.

Marshall Rosenberg


 NVC is a process that was developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. in the 1960s. More than a technique, NVC develops a consciousness that promotes clear communication, deep understanding, and genuine, respectful connection between individuals and teams. Educational institutions, businesses, law enforcement, medical organizations, and governmental bodies across the world have attested to the effectiveness of NVC training.


NVC Training with Mary

Mary’s menu of trainings focuses on personal and professional development in a variety of areas including, but not limited to the following:

Individualized Seminars for Organizations ~ Ranging from brief in-service workshops to comprehensive individualized programs, Mary’s trainings are designed to improve communication skills to enhance teamwork among employees, improve customer relations, and efficiency.

Public Classes, Workshops, and Retreats ~ Mary offers a variety of communication trainings on topics that include Basics of Nonviolent Communication, Conflict Resolution, Transforming Anger, Making Peace with our Negative Self-Talk, Transforming Judgments, Spirituality and many more.

Consultation ~ Mary offers consultation on a variety of communication issues that affect management, employees or customer service in businesses, healthcare institutions, social service agencies, churches, schools, and other organizations.