Mentoring & Coaching

Mary Mackenzie, is happy to offer individual mentoring/coaching for people who would like to enhance their ability to live the Nonviolent Communication consciousness. Although Mary’s mentoring is tailor-made for each individual, you may expect to achieve the following:

  • Greater success in living the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process on a daily basis
  • Enhanced ability to connect with others and yourself with ease and authenticity
  • Comprehension of the key differentiations that define an NVC consciousness
  • Increased ability to teach Nonviolent Communication to others
  • Personal support for troubling issues in your life

Anyone, no matter your current level of Nonviolent Communication training will gain skills to move to the next level of your consciousness through individual sessions. Mentoring/Coaching sessions are scheduled on an individual basis and may be conducted on the phone, video, or in person. A lot of flexibility is offered to accommodate individual needs.