What is in your power to change?

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I have been experiencing far more stress than usual for far too long now – and I know I am not alone. Most of my friends, family, and students feel similarly.

Can you relate?

Underneath my stress are precious needs for reassurance, inner and outer peace, and trust. This also includes a longing for political and world leaders who create policies and make decisions that reflect my values.

Specifically, I can’t express deeply enough my utter horror at the growing number of mass killings that are taking place in the USA. This horror was exacerbated recently when two mass shootings happened in the same period of time. And the occurence that involved primarily Black people – who were shopping at a grocery store – received almost no press time.

The pain I feel about these events is layered and complex, often filled with hopelessness.

I long for relief and forward movement toward living in a world that cherishes its citizens.

And, yet again, though I fear it sounds trite, I realize that I need to bring the focus back to myself and what is in my power to change.

To take action where I can; to make an effort to acknowledge the people around me, especially those who I might miss because they look different than I do; to bring compassion to all my interactions with others; to stretch in my capacity to be an activist who participates in systemic change; and to heal whatever I need to heal that keeps me from living my values more readily.

I need to reduce my temptations to say disparaging things about others whose actions don’t match my values, to pray for my political leaders rather than berate them, to take the time to be present to those in pain, and to show up fully in my life even when I feel stress.

To allow my feelings to flow readily and authentically where it feels safe to do so. To spend more time with my Higher Source, and to trust that there is more good in this world than I can fathom.

To trust that my efforts towards bringing compassion to my sphere of influence do make a difference. It doesn’t matter how much of a difference. It only matters that it does make a difference towards creating the world I want to live in.

This is my focus this month and I hope you will join me.

May you experience moments of inner and outer peace, and may you remember that your efforts towards bringing compassion matter even when compassion is not returned to you.

By Mary Mackenzie

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